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  1. Anyone use Triangle? I was using it for building servers but it doesn't seem to be working anymore lately? I was wondering if anyone else used it and has had similar problems? Or anyone know of a good free host to use for building?
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  2. I used them. Because it's free, they over load servers WAY too much. So they lag a lot unless you have a superflat world
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  3. I know someone who waited 3 months to receive their 36 hour server...
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  4. Working well for me!
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  5. Don't try to fool us xD
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  6. This service is garbage.
  7. Owner is shit.
  8. People calling the service bad are just the ones that expect to get a fully fledged service for free. It ain't gonna happen.
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  9. I've talked to one of the owners on Skype multiple times, he's a scammer and a complete dick.
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  10. I wasn't really pointing the comment at you.
  11. Never said you were, just stating my point.
  12. Not working for me! If you submit a ticket about it you just get some advertisement bull crap about some minecraft gambling stuff called kickstart but they fail to realize I dont play the game I only build servers so they can shove that ad up you know where!
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  13. In my opinion Aternos offered better and reliable service
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  14. Yeah I like that site actually just its a pain in the but to manage. But I agree it is more reliable... Triangle needs to work on reliability if they want people to actually consider paying for more features cause the features they offer free are disappointing. Nice panel, now get it working! LOL
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  15. If features in the control panel don't work why would anyone begin to trust paying for more features that may or may not work?
  16. Glad it works for those who work for Triangle. . . but it's probably a lie! Damn trolls.
  17. I did work, but now not.
  18. I can provide proof of the owner making me wait about 3 months to figure out weather or not he would accept me for the support ninja staff and then he said no hes a complete idiot and has no skills in hosting hence the reason why everyone that heard of them uses the free host and doesn't use there paid stuff
  19. saphiria


    I was PM'd here by the owner, asking if I would help. I never got the server I was promised.

    5 Months later

    Him: Oh, I must have forgot. PM me your name.

    Me: Done.

    Still no reply.

    I also talked on skype with a guy who answered every 4 days.
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  20. saphiria


    So this is funny to you @BananaCNetwork? I don't see how this is funny. I'm talking about a host that scams, and lies. Lies a lot. If anyone thinks they can run a server with them, they will be sorry. I almost feel bad for anyone who uses them.
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