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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have to solve a tricky portal situation. I want players to create their own farmworld portals and the portal in the farmworld should bring them back to the one they came from. So far I realized it with the advanced portlas plugin. The frst portal executes a warp command and the one in the farmworld does /back. So multiple portals can be conneted to a single one and from that it teleports the player back the one he came from. The tricky part are the permissions. I dont want the Player to use warps via chat. But if I understand the system correctly the portals just execute commands in the same way a player does it via chat. So disableing /warp would restrict it either way. And I cant give players the possibility to create portals with op command execution due to obvious reason. How can I solve this situation then? Maybe someone of you has an Idea.

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  2. Can't you use commands from console with your portal plugin? So, when player enters the portal, execute something like /warp farmworld playername
    Otherwise you can use some command-blocking plugin. Also if you have WorldGuard installed you can use blocked-cmd flag on __global__ world region.
  3. Hi imdanix,

    thank you for the suggestions and yes both is possible but it brings some problems with it. I want players to create their own portals but I cant give them the permission to create portals with console command execution because they would use it to execute /give etc. And the worldedit flag blocks commands executed by Portals as well if its not console or op executed which I cant allow as I explained earlier.
  4. Oh, so you're allowing players to create own portals with their commands?
  5. Yes, i would like to allow players to execute /ap create name:myportal triggerblock:water command:"/warp Farmworld". But I dont want them to use /warp farmworld in chat. Maybe there is another portal plugin that is better for that purpose. But I didnt find one.