Tricky Problem, I need a solution xD

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  1. Alright so in my server I am using these two plugin that work amazing together.
    The first one is called Remote Command, which allows you to run a command as another player.
    The second one is called Multi Command, which allows me to run multiple commands in a single command.

    So for example if I attach to a command block
    remotecommand @p /multicommand Test1
    The player who activates that, can run unlimited commands that are in Test1

    The problem I have is the player who activates the command in the command block need the permissions to execute them. I was wondering anyone had a solution on how a player can execute the command only when it is in the command block?

    I also do not want them to have the permission to use the command all the time
  2. Do the players have the Essentials antibuild(or a plugin like it) permission to activate pressure plates and/or buttons that activate the command block?
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  3. I do not have Essentials antibuild. I also found out that this was impossible without a 3rd party plugin, so I made a plugin request in the hiring dev section.