Spigot TrollCommands++ : Troll Your Frenemies! 7.29.56

For the people that really hate their friends

  1. Looks like an issue with the package management when I made my modifications. I'll take a quick look and upload a working version hopefully soon.

    Also, looks like a sound I'm relying on doesn't exist in a specific version. I'll fix that as well.
  2. I cant use this plugin as if conflict with another plugin

    the troll /portal conflict with another command from a different plugin.
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  3. You may be right, there. I can move the commands to something like /tcpp{command} with aliases to the regular commands.
  4. That would be great
  5. i can not change the immune on my admins help please
  6. What specifically are you having issues with? Using a permissions manager should work just fine, as it has worked previously and I haven't touched that part of the code in the new update.
  7. well basically i do not want anyone to have immunity!! ;) and i am having trouble turning it off. i looked for a config file but did not find one. i have never used any permissions because the server is just for my son and me family and friends
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply! Bukkit (and I believe Spigot by extension) have a default permissions.yml file for adding permission nodes and groups, but if you're looking for something more advanced try a permissions plugin. Most plugins use a permissions system of some kind that hooks into existing systems, as that's what is provided on the development backend.
  9. sorry but the permissions seem to be over my head i just cant get it to work i know its because i do not know what i am doing my permissions file is empty i have all i know how to do
  10. I noticed a new LibsDisguises version out but I won't be able to update TC++ until a couple of days from now. I hope that's alright! I promise I'll get to it!
  11. add more commands
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  12. I honestly can't think of any more to add. I'm open to suggestions; if you're able to come up with any then let me know!