Spigot TrollCommands++ : Troll Your Frenemies! 7.29.56

For the people that really hate their friends

  1. lol came across two fairly well known YouTubers/Server Owners using this plugin on video. As they summed it up in the video, this is an awesome plugin. Thank you again.

  2. Whoa, whaaaaat!? How did I miss that?
    You have just completely made my day :D
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    Moar Commands! Moar FUN!! MOAR BUGS!!!

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  5. Hey, added an issue on GitHub.
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  7. What does Troll Deathtag do? o.o
  8. You put it on someone and they'll eventually say someone's name in chat. That person dies and then becomes "tagged" - the next player they mention will die, and so on. Only one kill per player, though. Once you use it it's gone.
  9. So, what if one player is tagged and they mention their friend. Their friend gets tagged and dies? What if then their friend says their name, do they get tagged again and die? What if they say their own name? Just wanting to make sure.
  10. Yes. Also, if they say their own name they die and stay tagged. The tag doesn't care who the player mentions as long as they're not immune.
  11. That immunity can be annoying when the server owner wants to troll an op. Is there a way to remove the immunity without de-opping?
  12. opping a user gives them every permission for every plugin. There really isn't a good way to get around that, sorry.
  13. Added fake-chat? /fakechat <playername> <message>
    [User] Playername: Message?

  14. cant do any trolls i do /troll vomit players name and boom i get all the troll cmds no trolls or is this the troll that you troll admins/owners XD then thats a good fckin troll hahahaha
  15. Sure, I'll add it to my list!

    Hmm, seems to work perfectly fine for me. Version 4.22.45 on Spigot 1.12 built on 8/12/17. Are you sure another plugin isn't taking over the /troll command? TC++ will never just spit out a full list of all commands. It mimics Bukkit's /help command instead, which includes pages :)
  16. With which update can you add this? Sometimes I want to punish them for running around on my server.

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  17. It'll be in the next command update, but there might be a couple bugfix updates between now and then. I'm also currently working on another plugin which will be released soon, so that delays things slightly. I need to wait for more bug reports to come in anyway.
  18. Thank you, you are the one who gives you instant news. You are not someone who is interested in users like the others.

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