Premium Trophies / Collectibles [Paid]

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    Trophies / Collectibles - Award players with trophies and make them showcase it to win some rewards!

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    Glitch fixed

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  3. This is an awesome idea, I can't wait to see this plugin grow. :)
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  4. Is there a possibility to test the Plugin before?
  5. I bought the plugin but did not receive any way to download it after purchase. I do have a email receipt from paypal containing the transaction code
  6. Hi, This plugin looks great.
    Just had a couple of questions about how it works:
    • Are rewards limited to just items or can I put commands other than 'give' in the rewards?
    • Is it possible to give the trophy directly into the showcase bypassing their inventory?
    • Is it possible to give the same trophy twice to the same player? I don't want this to be possible.
      • Can you check via command if a player has a certain trophy (from console)?