tropical fish and dolphin problem

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  1. Hello everyone.
    i have a problem on spigot 1.14.4 server.
    I made a big figure and put in dolphins and tropical fish.
    I also added coral to it.
    egter when I come back to the server later my fish and dolphins disappear.
    the pond and the coral and that is still common.
    does anyone know how this can be done and how can I ensure that fish are still alive / there are?
    greetings: peter
  2. Give them a name with a nametag
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  3. naming them with a nametag works fine indeed.
    just tried it out.
    but may there be a solution without giving it a name with nametag?
  4. Check the version of spigot, sometimes it doesn't work for that
  5. Do you talk about pets, friendly or hostile mobs?
  6. first the answer to the last question: Do you talk about pets, friendly or hostile mobs?
    I'm talking about fishing.
    the problem really only occurs with fish (tropics and dolphins).
    so not with just wild animals and also not with pets that all just live or exist.
    Regarding the question which view do I use minecraft server I want to say see the image I send with this replay spigot.jpg
  7. I think fish and dolphins disappear is normal, if you want to have pets you need name tag
  8. Easy way is to use Name Tag's

    Or, you need to have a custom plugin made.
  9. first and foremost, thanks again for the responses.
    to the response of: Goldentoenail travels to me the question: has not a plugin been made for it and if so what is it called?
    possibly it is also possible for me to run a console comandow regularly on the server that ensures that they do not despair.
    command blocks are also possible as an option for me.
    unfortunately I cheld that I still need to know what the commandow should look like.