Trouble Exporting Maven IntelliJ Project

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Fluby26, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    So just to say here, i'm not much of a programmer / plugin maker. I know the basics of java but don't really code myself. My developer has made me a plugin and I usually like to take the sourcecode and edit the messages and edit things that are simple and easy to edit. So after I'm done making my edits, i'm having trouble exporting the actual project in intelliJ. I know there are many ways you can export the project, but one way I perfer someone previously told me how to do it is you have to click Run > Edit Configuration > + > then here is where i'm lost. Your supposed to fill out a field and I know the "Run" name you can put as whatever I usually perfer to put Export, but where it says command line: "" and Profiles: "" I don't know what to put. Any answers help.
    (ignore the text I enter that says clean site:run I was just trying to figure out what to put there)

    Flub (JP A.)
  2. It has been arround awhile... Intelij is facing some problems when it comes to imports from Maven, No solution i know of atm, i switched to eclipse :- )
  3. I'd do a maven build...
  4. I'd stick 'clean install' in the command line.
    Make sure then you select your working directory (So KSFactions like you have selected in the picture)
    Give it a name at the top. - If you wish to leave it as Export feel free, however if you have multiple modules, you'll need different names.
    Leave profiles empty
    Press 'ok'
    In the top right of your screen there should be a Green arrow (that looks like a run arrow)
    If you press it, it should bring up a console, that'll start compiling the project.
    Then you find your compiled project in the target folder inside the project file.