Trouble Running BuildTools through GitHub for Spigot

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  1. Hello all, Mikey here.
    First I would like to apologize if I did not post this in the correct forum and would ask that you give grace as I am new.
    My roommates and I were talking and wanted to have mcMMO for our lan server that we play on. I started looking into it, googled a few youtube videos and came across this one:

    I got to about the 5:30 minute mark when I ran into the following error message
    error: sha1 information is lacking or useless (src/main/java/net/minecraft/world/level/chunk/
    error: could not build fake ancestor
    Patch failed at 0008 Spigot Timings
    When you have resolved this problem, run "git am --continue".
    If you prefer to skip this patch, run "git am --skip" instead.
    To restore the original branch and stop patching, run "git am --abort".
    hint: Use 'git am --show-current-patch=diff' to see the failed patch
    Something did not apply cleanly to Spigot-Server.
    Please review above details and finish the apply then
    save the changes with
    Error compiling Spigot. Please check the wiki for FAQs.
    If this does not resolve your issue then please pastebin the entire BuildTools.log.txt file when seeking support.
    java.lang.RuntimeException: Error running command, return status !=0: [sh,]
    at org.spigotmc.builder.Builder.runProcess0(
    at org.spigotmc.builder.Builder.runProcess(
    at org.spigotmc.builder.Builder.main(
    at org.spigotmc.builder.Bootstrap.main(

    I looked into a few different forums/videos regarding this issue but made no progress, so I have come here.
    I am in no way a coding genius and in fact this is my first time ever attempting a feat like this. I'm simply confused and would like guidance and help to get mcMMO onto our lan! :) If it's easier to explain through discord, I will leave my discord below.
    Discord: itsmikey#6879

    EDIT: I did look into the wiki and attempted to fix it using "git config --global --replace-all core.autocrlf true" but nothing happened. I am aware I might've done something wrong so this still could be a possible fix.