Trying out Spigot, all users registering as Username[m now

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by yourcraftserver, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Is this normal, and why? Will it affect plugins like Votifier or things of that nature, or what?

    I am hosting with Beastnode, which has been very solid so far, and one of the things I noticed is that all of my users are now showing up in the list as Username[m, so my username is like iroczspot[m.


  2. Upon further inspection of my log, I see that it's not just my username. It's at the end of every command... For example here is a chat message that I wrote as just "test". This is what was output in the log.

    00:27:53 <[1:27 AM] [World] [Owner] iroczspot >test
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    Its not Spigot, we don't change anything about names/logging, thats for sure. Those are colour codes which your control panel is not stripping. CraftBukkit does the same thing, this is only in the logs and wont affect anything in game.
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  4. Hmm, this only happens when I run my server with the Spigot jar though. I do not get these values in my log with Vanilla CraftBukkit on the same configuration. Is there something different that Spigot is doing with the color codes?
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    Nope, only thing I can think of is the Beastnode panel is configured to not do something or other when you aren't runnning craftbukkit.jar
    Try filing a ticket and asking.
  6. That might be the case, as it is kind of hard-coded into the CP that there are certain builds that they want you to use it seems. I had to set the settings to "default" and had to specify the spigot jar filename outright.

    I will file a ticket with them to see if they will add Spigot as a trusted built, or whatever it is they have going on. They have Vanilla, CB, and Tekkit so far on the dropdown.

    I figured I would ask here first as that is what the initial help said to do here. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I am new to Spigot, but very impressed by it's performance so far. Looking forward to learning more :)

    Thanks again,