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  1. I'm trying to compile the spigot jar. Using this link I've downloaded the build tools and Git bash.
    On step 3 under Running buildtools, it says to

    Navigate to where you downloaded BuildTools.jar, or use the command line way to download the jar to your current directory.
    On Windows, you can either use the cd command to change directories, or you can right click the blank space of the folder where BuildTools.jar is (DO NOT click BuildTools.jar itself) and click "git bash", which will open it in your current directory

    WTF is CD command and where is it run from? Does it mean Git bash or terminal? Because it does nothing in both. Also change it from what directory to what directory? What blank space and where is the this folder? BuildTtools.jar is literally a jar and not a folder. rightclicking on Buildtools.jar has not option to open gi bash. WTF is going on here?!?!?

    On step 4 it says to run this command "java -jar BuildTools.jar" in git bash.the attached picture is the result

    Please help me:confused:

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    It should be lowercase
    Right click on the folder
  3. Blank space as in the blank space that isn't taken up by files in any folder.
    cd - - switches the directory that you run commands from. If you open Git Bash through the right-click menu, the directory you're running commands from will be that folder (or the main Desktop folder if you do it through home screen).
    You might be running just "cd" though. You need to specify a path to change directories to, i.e: "C:\Users\pcUser\AppData\Roaming". So this would be the full command:
    Code (Text):
    cd C:\Users\pcUser\AppData\Roaming
    Looks like you're just not in the right directory. You can only run a jar file from the same directory or with a full path.
  4. I made a folder with the build tools in it. I rightl clicked on the folder and clicked on "Git Bash here." that opens a command prompt just says the same thing over and over again

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  5. Is there a video or something? Google isn't helping
  6. run it from terminal or gi bash?
  7. Shouldn't matter.
  8. What I tried is correct, right? I downloaded the build tools and placed it in a folder. Right clicked on the folder and clicked on Git Bash here. That opens a command prompt and when hitting any key the window closes. What else am I suppose to do?
  9. This all seems fine except for the last bit. What do you mean it says the same thing over and over? Are you doing anything that it's responding like that to? Because it'll just repeat the directory if you enter an empty command.
    Is it repeating itself or closing on key press? I'm getting confused. If Bash is giving you issues, just use the default command prompt. BuildTools should generate its own copy of PortableGit, meaning you shouldn't necessarily need Git installed to use it either.
  10. Once the black terminal windows is open all you need to do is run the command (java -jar BuildTools.jar)
    Just like the third picture, that's where you want to use this command
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