Trying to fix a huge TPS drop, can anyone help?

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  1. Entities.

    At any given time you have approx. 2000+ entities that all need to be accounted for and calculated in terms of their position, goal tracking and target tracking.

    Code (Text):

    count(27468)  total(27.04% 560.265s, 40.79% of tick)
    avg(20.40ms per - 20.40ms/1.00 per tick)

    Minecraft::world - tickEntities
    count(27468)  total(16.39% 339.542s, 24.72% of tick)
    avg(12.36ms per - 12.36ms/1.00 per tick)
    Beyond that, you also have a ton of tile entities.

    Lower the count of entities on the map, and you should be fine.
  2. Okay, thanks!

    However, that timings is a bit old, here's a more recent one (if you want to take a look):

    I'm currently battling against that "doChunkMap" lag (and losing :( )
  3. I know you're using Paper and all, but here's a question: What's your chunkUpdate rate in spigot.yml and view-distance? Try tuning down view-distance to 5-6 and see if it helps.

    You've gotten really close to a solid 20TPS though, glad you made some progress :)
  4. We have the same problem. If you have a lot of MySQL data traffic, you should split this up on several servers since you otherwise your 4K read is broken.

    We use ProxMox and have split the MySQL databases on 2 servers and have the same server fast constant 20 - 19.99 - 19.98 TPS

    I hope I want to help you a bit


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  5. Their is already enough tps problem posts look at those
  6. Gaxan


    Not all TPS issues are the same and are in most cases unique to the server.

    Are you just posting for post count?