Spigot Tssentials 1.0

The new Essentials for Bukkit and Spigot users!

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    Tssentials - The new Essentials for Bukkit and Spigot users!

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  2. Why is this plugin better? Maybe you should add some reasons inside the plugin description because if I read it I see no real reason to use this plugin instead of Essentials. ;)
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  3. Why is yours better than Essentials if you only have 1/100000 of what they have?
  4. We are working on the plugin right now, more features are comming soon.
  5. Yea, no one will download this if you dont tell us why it is better.

    You have like 5 commands, whereas essentials has 100s
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  6. You have only 5 commands, so you doesnt better than Essentials...When you add 100-200 commands inside your plugin, you become the best..

    So i dont why people download this plugin, download Essrntials instead of this plugin with 5 commands...all about warps and spawn
  7. We are working on updates with more commands.
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  8. I think it would be good for people who don't want all the commands in essentials. Maybe you should keep it as it is and call it Simple Essentials
  9. Okay, i will talk about that with the developers.
  10. I wouldn't even want to try this. I don't use essentials anymore, but I still wouldn't use this, lol. You are just copying Essentials with the setspawn and warps.. you even used multiple jars like essentials does, and i don't know why you would put a setspawn and setwarp in different jars lol
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  11. CommandBook is also still developed.
  12. Sooo... you're re-creating Essentials? Why does everybody like to do that?
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  13. At least it's free.
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  14. Essentials is free too...
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  15. I'm talking about some premium resources out there...
  16. dtm

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    I wonder: Is this all just copied from essentials code or something? Not saying it is; However, You're calling everything tssentials e.t.c aswell as the fact most of the plugins you're "creating" are what essentials can do.

    Sorry if i'm wrong, Just curious.
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  17. You really need to define why it is "better"

    I don't equate more commands as better though. Is this code more efficient (per function) than Essentials? Are you planning on having separated features so if we don't want the spawn system, it can be disabled and not take up any resources? Is this going to run at the Bungeecord level? Is this going to have storage options for YAML or MySQL and be able to convert back-n-forth and upgrade without having to manipulate tables by hand?

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  18. lol, so many people ditching this, yet the latest essentials broke on 1.8 official, so until it works again this is good enough >< people think they don't need something till they do haha.