Turn of Fly in combat?

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  1. Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone know a good solution for my problem
    So I own a server with custom mobs and bosses, however high level players who got fly by voting or high rank are available to farm bosses by just flying above them and punch them down

    Is there any plugin that can help me disable the fly when a player gets into a combat with(gets hit by) monsters?
  2. I mean I could code you something like that in like 20 minutes. I'm sure there is something already out there like this though.
  3. Yes, search for combatlogx

    It has an add-on that does that
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  4. He's asking for a plugin that disables fly when in combat with a mob, not disabling it in a area. He clearly specifies that.
  5. Yea.....But if Op has a arena designed just for Combat, this is a possible solution. No need to trash suggestions just to satisfy your need to degrade peoples ideas.
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  6. CombatlogX helped, thank you guys!
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