[Tutorial] How to run a Minecraft network on your Linux Dedicated Server

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by MasterDoctor, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. latiku


    I'd like to point out you aren't allowed to link people to Yive's Mirror on this site, the JARs distributed there are considered illegal.
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  2. How are they considered illegal?

    Because someone is making money by making them easily accessable to people?
  3. latiku


    Because those JARs were distributed before BuildTools was created, therefore they're the DMCAed JARs.

    If you need any more proof, feel free to look at this.
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  4. If it's such a big problem, I'm sure someone would have have had the site taken down by now.
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  5. latiku


    You're missing the point.
  6. OH GOD NOT CHMOD 777. That's like not disabling root password login and not switching to only SSH key login.. oh wait.

    I'm aware this tutorial is meant for only setup steps, but neglecting security even during setup can't lead anywhere good.
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  7. You can't. If one server is bound to 25565 how exactly do you expect another one to do the same?
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  8. Two subdomains - you just bind each server to the subdomain
    i.e. test1.domain.com:25565
    and test2.domain.com:25565
  9. Actually you can if your host allows you to order more ip addresses, though I don't see how @MasterDoctor thinks having them on the same port will work.
  10. Very good and detailed tutorial. This is sure to help out starters when they are first setting up a Linux machine.
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  11. Agreed. Modified to 774.
  12. It just doesn't make sense how two servers on the same physical machine can be bound to the same port. On different ports ya of course, but not on the same one.
  13. @Polarcraft I was thinking of different IPs
  14. Those different IPs just wind up at the same machine, right?
  15. Yeah, so you just bind each server to another ip.
  16. Additional ips are at extra cost at some providers and at some providers they arent offering that
  17. okie then
  18. [​IMG]
    I mean siriously this tutorial is shit
  19. LOL
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  20. very detailed thanks
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