[Tutorial] How to run a Minecraft network on your Linux Dedicated Server

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  1. That is correct they would end up at the same machine, but by putting them into the networks configuration you are able to use the second ip as if it was a new instance.
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    Do you really have much supporting evidence for this?? The OpenJDK is fine for running a Minecraft server or network. I use the OpenJDK on all of my CentOS / RHEL machines powering my server network and it works fine. It's also nice for it to follow packaging standards for the operating system. In my experience, the Oracle one requires a lot of annoying "putting-of-things-in-place". Unless people are running highly complex or Java-dependent stacks on their servers, like for virtualization, the OpenJDK is sufficient for a Minecraft server.

    +1 on the note about mark2 being outdated and not maintained. Fro ma sysadmin perspective, basing your network off of something that's as fragile as mark2 is not a sustainable idea. To anyone getting started with running a server, I would highly recommend steering away from it because if it ends up breaking, you'll have to rebuild your entire workflow and setup.

    Personally, I'm using tmux sessions for running all of my servers under a single system user. If you have no experience with either and are stuck on what to cover, I would opt for tmux over screen. But it's really all preference in my experiences… tmux and screen are two different and perfectly competent programs to accomplish the same objective. Writing a guide on using either one would be a good idea (but if you have no preference, I would push you towards tmux). ;)
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  3. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been taken down yet, but I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to distribute links to precompiled spigot jars here anymore. Just a warning, you should probably change the spigot link to BuildTools instructions.
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  4. The VPS providers I'm looking at offer multiple ips without much extra expense so getting two ips for one box doesn't look that tricky. Any arrangement where the players can continue using the current subdomains to connect to my servers will work.
  5. I have never heard of a VPS provider giving out additional ips, but just forward the subdomains to the ip that you want it to have.
  6. Ok, I'll rewrite that section of the tutorial to include this
    Yeah, that's probably a good idea.
  7. JamesJ


    > Creates guide for people to use
    > Recommends people download from an unofficial dl server...
    - le sigh -
  8. I don't see your logic or relevance of a guide compared to a download server.
  9. JamesJ


    Well using an unofficial download server is not just breaking a DMCA but also is incredibly insecure.
    Have you checked the jar file? Does the checksum match Spigot's checksum?
    No you haven't. Anyone could've done anything with that jar.
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  10. Seems we think the same about that then!

    The reason I don't use mark2 anymore is primarily based off how they handle reported bugs on GitHub. I once filed a bug that any user can take over a session, regardless of whether they have permissions for this or not (this is still possible AFAIK) which was not picked up and simply rejected.
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  11. Ok, I'm going to rewrite the mark2 part of the thread to include screen and rewrite the yive's mirror part and then I'm going to lock this thread.
    If you have suggestions, please do PM me.
  12. gsand is still actively maintaining mark2. I personally love it. Works fine for me. It would, however, seem that he isn't interested in adding any new features to it nor making any large changes.
    How do you mean? Can you link to the bug report?
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  13. latiku


    You're right James, anything could've been done with that JAR.
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    As far as open source projects go, that's a telltale sign that the project might not be the most future-facing solution available. ;)
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  15. Okay, but let me ask my question again since you didn't read my post. He made a guide to help people, and you said "makes a guide to help people but recommends an unofficial download server", how are those relevant together? He made a guide to help people, how is a non-official download server going against him helping someone set up a minecraft server on linux?
  16. JamesJ


    I actually cannot believe you're saying this.

    He's made a guide to help people, yet he's recommending you do something that isn't helping any one..
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  17. Yeah, same for you...

    OK.... What?
    I'm suggesting you do something that makes your lives a bit easier.
    I don't want to sound like an asshole (although I suppose I already am) but you don't have to exaggerate. I myself, can vouch for Yive's mirror downloads and if you can find me a JAR with malicious code or even a JAR with a different checksum, I'll change that part of the tutorial to BuildTools ASAP.
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  18. Again, since you are uneducated and can't understand, let me explain.

    He is posting a guide helping people run a minecraft server on linux. Just because he posts a link to an unofficial download server, means his tutorial is bad an irrelevant? That's how you were making it sound. Who cares if he posts the download link to malware on some porn site, or a link to the spigot jenkins, the tutorial / guide for how to make a minecraft server on linux is still useful to those that don't know how.
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  19. I've been running mark2 on the official mark2 test server for a few years now, and it has worked perfectly for the past few years.


    You should not give our ssh access to anyone other than people you trust.
    Either way, it is possible, You just have to read the links that I posted in that ticket to understand how to do it.

    Pull requests are gladly welcome! ;););););););)
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  20. JamesJ


    Ok as you've resorted to pointless pathetic personal attacks, such as "you are uneducated", please inform me of when I said his tutorial was bad?
    Ok thanks. I never did.
    You clearly don't know a lot, but that's fine, we all have to start somewhere. You can start where you actually learn that making a tutorial should be all good and correct.

    That's like making a tutorial on how to bake cakes, but at the same time telling them to steal the items from a shop. Why would you do that?
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