[Tutorial] How to run a Minecraft network on your Linux Dedicated Server

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by MasterDoctor, Aug 31, 2016.

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  2. Well, if you wanna get it legally, use BuildTools.
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    Okay, so I just realized that it seems like mark2 was forked and is being updated by @Clippy. Until recently, I thought mark2 was only being maintained here, but here is @Clippy's repository.

    My experiences with mark2 date back to about two years ago with the older repository (with a last commit message that just makes you feel uncomfortable using it). I can't say I have worked with it much since, so maybe mark2 is more stable and current than I had realized. Didn't mean to diss on your recent work, @Clippy. :)
  4. Oh Jesus Christ... *sighs heavily*. MasterDoctor made a guide on how to make a server on linux, however he is telling people to download from a mirror site that could have modified the jar file in any way, which is why you should compile with buildtools. It makes it bad because you are leading readers into potentially fucking up their server from downloading a jar file from a unofficial site. You by saying "Who cares if he posts the download link to malware on some porn site" means that you're retarded, since you're going after attacks based on education, a bit of a hypocrite? It is still useful, but I'd suggest the OP editing to say you must compile BuildTools since downloading from a mirror site is ILLEGAL. I-L-L-E-G-A-L.
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  5. Ok so, I will make a mark2 installer.
  6. latiku


    Don't even stress it, I'll be releasing one today. (hopefully)
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  7. You used a mental disability as an insult, ("retarded", in case you are unsure) and your avatar is the dog filter, nothing you say is remotely relevant or valid.
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  8. This hasnt been true for a good number of years now. OpenJDK and Oracle are the exact same now. The only reason to chose one over the other these days is personal preference and/or package manager support. Personally, I prefer Oracle's versions only because I'm old school as fuck and I already have the webupd8 debian repo setup and configured. ;)
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  9. OK den! Not updating the tutorial :p
  10. I just wanna know how to bake a cake man, I don't care if you steal the items. The problem with this tutorial is that does not inform the user of the problems with using that build and not the official BuildTools.

    Go steal all the cake you want, but at least tell people that they should do it another way.
    Sorry but I honestly don't know the guide you're referencing and I would really appreciate it if you link me to said guide instead of just going on about how I've copied it.