Suggestion [Tutorial] section in Development.

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  1. Place for howto's. I would love it. Or it is already there, and is it me that I couldn't find it?
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  2. I support the this idea
  3. i support this idea too!
  4. how-to's and APIs/util classes?
    yes please.
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  5. +1

    maybe an "snippet" or "learning" selection on the wiki?
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  6. @Cewlt A wiki is something else than forum tutorial. You can discus things together. Why they don't work etc. Just like Bukkit has it!
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    Agreed, i also think @jflory7 was talking about this...
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    Yeah, that was kind of the point behind Plugin Snippets. You can still have the useful discussion in a forum thread for a given topic that has its own wiki article.
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    I think a forum separate from wiki tutorials would be great as well. While we do have the plugin snippets section in the wiki, it doesn't really feel like a place to discuss the tutorial or how to.
    I think a forum would be great to have as it makes the discussion more connected to the topic/tutorial. Also would be a good way to filter how to/tutorials before they are implemented into the wiki.
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  10. I support this. +1
  11. Support. Can't believe it's not existing here yet.
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  13. +1 good idea would help alot!