[Tutorial] Understanding PermissionsEX's Weight System

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    Its only problems with weight option thats i need help with, i dont fully understand your tutorial, help me get this working and then we will talk about why EzRanksPro does not work? ive watched a very Recent Youtube video saying it works with 1.8+ in his video he got it working fine.

    Also at one point i had mine working fine, but changed something in my permissionsEx that broke it.

    I Do know how to make groups btw, However maybe i did stuff up in the example i gave you.
    This is a Fully working version of my old permissions.YML
    (This works perfectly fine, and still does work when promoting) its just without weights..

    Edit: I tried to post everything above before but it said it wouldnt let me, so i made that post before this one, and then it allowed me? forum bug? or stupid format? no offence..
  2. You can PM me and I can take a more detailed look at the problem. Please pm me with your EZRanksPro rankups.yml, and your permissions.yml that you are currently using.

    And we can't help you if you don't tell us what the problem is. What happened? What did the error say?
  3. thanks helped me out a lot.
  4. Glad to hear it :)
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    I got it working, defualt rank works, however i cant make them start with 2 ranks when a new player logs in.
    How do i make someone start in 2 groups?
  6. 1. Why would u want that?
    2. I'm not sure if you can have 2 default groups...
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  7. They can inherit the other group, essentially the same.
  8. Example? you mean have a default group inherit a lower rank? so technically they have the same perms 0_o? If not.... that's basically just dividing default ranks... I think he meant a sort of default /pex user name group add thingy
  9. Default is my lowest rank/group/weight, but your probably right. I mentioned a couple of days ago to take all this to StormBow, He's the PEX Master. Just cause I never edited it the Default is the Lowest group, but players actually start as members and both those groups are default, Then when they want to join prison, they do /rankup and become a-j as they move through the ranks.
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  10. Do you mean like they start with a default donor rank, and a default letter rank?
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    Precisely!! that's exactly what i mean! :D

    at the moment i found a quick fix, for it, "using command blocks"
    But do not want to have to set it up like this.
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    You can have them be in multiple ranks at once, i did not mean groups i meant ranks sorry, i need players to start int 2 ranks, instead of 1,
    2 default ranks.

    I've achieved a Temporary fix using command blocks to add anyone nearby that does not have the starter rank, but the A rank, This way they got both 2 ranks, which can be seen in /pex hierarchy

    However, i don't want to have to use command blocks, if anyone knows how to do this, it would be the best thing ever :D
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    FYI servers like MineHeroes and Lichcraft have Prefix and suffix ranks working for them, so it is possible.
    MineHeroes seems to use two prefix's. maybe two prefix plugins? or a chat formatter?

    Lich only uses Prefix and suffix, before and after name, so i know thats possible aswell,
    (achieved myself using command blocks)
  14. You can't have more than 1 default group, the only easy way I can think to do this is inheritance, the other way is takes an extra plugin and a hell lot of configuration.
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  15. Theres no real point in having 2 default groups. Either have inheritance or make the perms all fit into 1 default group, and give it a prefix with 2 tags like "[Something] [Something] "
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  16. Thank you so much for this guide!

    It's my first time to work on PEX + Faction with Rank Up. I hope I'll be able to do it fine. :D

    Question: My donor ranks are like a continuation of the rank up. May I know the proper setup for this? I'm not sure if I sound silly but here's my idea:

    Player A joined the server and got the lowest rank, Younglings.
    Player A played in the server and got 3 rank up (now he's a Warrior). He also committed to donate.
    Player A donated for the rank Elite. So he jumped/ranked up 3x as Elite is the highest rank from the free ranks up but it's the lowest rank from the donor ranks.
    Now, I added "inheritance" to Elite to inherit the perms of the Hero (highest free rank).

    Am I doing it right?
  17. I was reading this post and i see that you were trying to make it so you can be in two groups at the same time, although I don't know any plugins to achieve this, I think I do know a way. Although this is tedious, what you can do is add more ranks such as:
    MOD [A] and
    MOD and so on...

    but you would have to name them ModA and ModB in your permissions file. You would have to add all of the commands that the group A has and all of the commands that the group Mod has.
  18. I really like the post it helped me out alot,i mean,now i can just add the command "/pex user {name} group add 1iron" (don't judge me because i put an 1 before the rank name xD) to the buycraft iron rank and it will apply but will keep the prison rank:{A,B,C,...} even do with ranks like mod :)

    For those who don't understand,if you're managing a prison server,i recommend you to set the A-Free (or more) weight to -1,-2,-3,etc
    e.g: A:-1,B:-2,C:-3,D:-4,etc
    So like that the rank will always be the first to be read by PEX and other plugins :D
    Basically: More weight = More fat,so it will make the rank go down,etc etc.

    Thank you so much :)
  19. Thanks for this tutorial !