Spigot tVPN » Smart & Efficient VPN Blocking System 1.4-RELEASE

Block VPNs from your server

  1. Hey.
    Nice Plugin.... Pls open the code :D
  2. What?
  3. please upload the code of the plugin on GitHub
  4. Could you add Bungee Support? I added it to my Hub server but it gets the localhost IP. Could you get the players real ip with the bungee command /ip (player)?
  5. That's absolutely nothing I have control over.. Enable ip-forward in your bungeecord proxy.
  6. It doesnt Work when i use cyberghost
  7. Can You help me? :D
  8. I know, working on a new update that blocks a huge list of hostnames :p
  9. Nice
    Maby you Can use code from the plugin "antimcleaks"....

    Its codet by shortbyte
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. Not letting me to change kick message.. Can you please fix it and btw, i rate 5 stars :D