Tweaking 1.9 PvP cooldown

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  1. I hope this is not a duplicate thread.

    I'm planning to generally halve the PvP cooldown, what is the correct basevalue for
    GENERIC_ATTACK_SPEED? Also does this take care of the PvP damage immunity?
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  2. There are already tons of plugins for people that want to flail frantically in pre-1.9 style.
  3. He can still make one.
  4. I'm coding my stuff myself, no need to add a plugin for every single one liner. Also I'm not looking for pre1.9, not a fan of it, however the default cooldown values demotivate my players, as they take too long. That's why I'm looking to tweak things.
  5. The cooldown is about .6 seconds o-0... Unless something is making it longer?
  6. The fights take too long is what I wanted to say.
    This is offtopic either way. 5.6d seems to be the correct value for halving the time for swords, if somebody else cares, and damage immunity doesn't appear to be an issue here. However I'm not yet sure on that one.
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