Spigot TwitchNotice One of a Kind! 1.4

Check your Twitch Status in MINECRAFT!

  1. Suggestion.
    Make it possible to only broadcast if online =)

  2. Is possible to track multiple streamers? When I added myself to the yml it stopped showing my friends info.
  3. Currently it shows only 1 streamer, I might add a broadcaster system in next release :)
  4. Any updates? I'd love to see new features
  5. My computer broke and hasn't been fixed yet :( I'm waiting for it to be fixed so I can start working on new updates
  6. is it working for 1.8.8?
  7. Should, if it doesn't I'll try to decompile it and fix it.
  8. Its working :)
  9. Asome Plugin works Perfect :D
    But one question: is it possible to add more twitch usernames?