Two problems please help!

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  1. Hi,

    I have installed bungee cord and it's working perfect! But i have 2 issues

    1. I can't give players IP bans because then i ban everyone How do you set bungeecord to use true Ip's and not the ip of the host.

    2. People can't join a other server at the same time when 3 people typing /server servername at the same time only one will teleport to the other server and the other have to wait.
    Can i change it so you can teleport on the same time or that he remember your command and put a message in the chat "You will teleport in 5 seconds" dan then a countdown?

    I hope you have answers for these two problems.

    Kind Regards,
  2. Issue one can be solved by using the spigot builds instead of craftbukkit.

    No idea about issue two, maybe try using portals as a second way of teleporting people around?
  3. Hi thanks for your fast reply,

    1.Do i need to use spigot build in my lobby server or in de proxy server?

    2. I have portals on the server too, but when 2 people run in the portal one will teleport and one will stay in the portal
    Whe the otherone waits 10 sec and walk out en in the portal he will teleport :(
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    You should use Spigot on all of your servers for better optimization. As for the logging in too fast message youre getting, try increasing the amount of players that can login quickly in your NoCheatPlus/AntiCheat configuration.
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  5. Ok thanks,
    I installed spigot but everyone still has the same ip :(
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    Navigate to the bukkit.yml and add the bungeecord ip accordingly. There is an option for it.
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    Issue 2: Is your connection-throttle in the bukkit.yml set to -1?
  8. No it's 4000 that's the standard i think, Do i have to change it on all my server or only at my proxyserver?
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    Set it to -1 on ALL of your servers.
  10. Hi, both problems are fixed:) Thank you all!
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