Two strange bugs/issues

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  1. heey i got on my Server two "little" bugs which i cant really determine

    i use the latest 1.11.2 Spigot Build

    1. Brewstands play no sound
    2. Donkey`s and Mule`s despawn on chunk unload and it says "&cThat mob can`t be renamed" if i try to use a NameTag on Donkey`s/Mule`s
    2. I use "CrazyEnchantsments" and there are Enchantments which spawns different mobs ( IronGolems,Silverfish and Skeletons) but they just dont spawn anything

    I already tried to search trough plugins but couldnt find this specific message because normally NameTag could be applied on all mobs except EnderDragons

    Maybe some of you had already one of these issues and can help me
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  2. still didnt found the Problem... would be cool if there is someone out there who can help me with this :)