U.S Dedis and VPS hosting - OVH?? (west coast preferably)

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  1. Hi there,

    I can't seem to find OVH U.S based data center threads or services. Looking for U.S based, possibly west coast oriented dedicated and vps hosting, similar to ovh. I see OVHCloud but i won't be considering that option until the prices are a bit lower.

    Does anyone know the latency from the north america ovh data center to west coast u.s, or even east coast.

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  2. OVH Datacenters are here:

    I'm not aware of any data centers (from big companies such as OVH) that are on the west coast. It's mainly NA and the east coast. (Prime location)

    I know ReliableSite has some servers in NY/FL etc.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Even if your server would be in Europe you could play absolutely fine from the west coast. There is no need to use OVHCloud for ping reasons.




    And then it also depends on the routes, hops, etc. It is very hard to say ping x = bad, ping y = good.
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  4. Ok thanks for your responses

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