Spigot Uber Items [1.13.2 compatible] 1.0

Add powerful items to your Minecraft server!

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    Uber Items [1.13.2 compatible] - Add powerful items to your Minecraft server!

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  2. Hi, thanks for making it, its nice, some feedback though:
    -Wrench is not working
    -Document of order doesnt appear to have a good sorting criteria, it just puts all items together.
    -It'd be awesome to be able to craft the items somehow, or at least make a signshop that sells them or something, is that even possible?
    -Permissions per item would be really nice aswell.

    Anyhow, its nice, good luck :)
  3. z__


    you should add the config to the overview... not sure without putting it on our server, but it would be good if each item could be disabled. Maybe its possible in the config. Also, the give command on the overview page doesnt say if you can put a players name in to give it to someone else.

    Interested in a couple of these items and thought it would be neat to make them craftable items on our server Particularly that lunchbox!
  4. Oh this plugin is a big work in progress, I'm hoping when I get the time that I add all of those things :p
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