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  1. Ok. So I am making my XenForo forum, and it is saying that my folders "data" and "internal_data" do not have permission 0777 (World Writable). I have set these up correctly, but the errors are not going away. I have set them up on WinSCP (HERE) and it refuses to work. This is an issue because my network is planning to release today and if I cannot get the forums up and running; the players will have nowhere to commute outside the Minecraft server.

    Hope you all understand.


    - Penguin.
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    It can't access those folders, change permissions.
  3. No. I've ALREADY changed the permissions. It's XenForo that's being weird. Take a look at the image I've supplied that is labelled "HERE" - It's a hyperlink.
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    Sorry for the language in the screenshot, it's set to that by default (hate it :c), http://prntscr.com/b3v8cp.
    Xenforo is installed on those folders (they're permissions are 0755).
  5. http://prnt.sc/b3v44e - I understand their default permission set is 0755. But the fact is, the permission set I have given them is 0777 and they're not working at all.
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    Set the permissions to 0755, then try it with xenforo (if you haven't already).
  7. It's still not liking the directories.