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  1. well the problem is that i cna't find the skript folder...
  2. Once you have the required dependencies installed, you must restart your server and then you should see /plugins/Skript/scripts
  3. If you'd like you can add me on skype (it's 'hypexmon5ter') and I can walk you through it?
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  4. thank u for ur help guys.
    One question, if i had the old Essentials plugin, can't players access their sethomes, or what about the warps and spawn, can't i import the data from essentials to this plugin?
  5. At the moment no, but possibly later on in the future, If we were to add this it wouldn't be in the free version though, It'd be in UE Pro as it would take quite a bit of time and effort to make everything bug free and %100 if this is even possible... (We'll look into it). Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the inconvenience.
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  6. Using the <prefix> placeholder allows the groupmanager prefixes to show up. Also this chat format feature is not available in Ultimate Essentials free version only in the Premium version.
  7. Why players can access all the warps, and i can't find a permissions so they can just access specific warps
  8. We never added that, will be added in the next update for UE Pro most likey :p
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  9. Feel free to replace your UltimateEssentials version with the attached version. I edited it just for you.

    Use the perm ue.warp.name.<name> or individual warps or ue.warp.name.* for all warps

    Hope this helps :D

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  10. Thanks! :)
  11. No problem :)
  12. TheJimmyJ57 updated Ultimate Essentials ✪ [1.8] ✪ Fully Customizable! with a new update entry:

    Updating to 2.9 of the Premium Ultimate Essentials (UltimateEssentialsPro)

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  13. If I wanted to uninstall this and revert back to Essentials how would I do that?
  14. You would do exactly what you just said, delete skript and all the dependencies for it, then put Essentials (or EssentialsX cause it's better), back on