Ultimate Gaming/Workstation Computer - May 2015

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  1. Hello People of the interwebs.
    Today I present to you the Ultimate Gaming/Workstation Computer for May 2015.
    Every Month I will be posting a new Version of this computer.
    As this is the first edition, this computer was built entirely by me. So, for next month, I want you guys to give me some feedback for the next edition!

    So, here it is. Your feedback is always welcome and feel free to discuss this below.

    Click Here!

    Ultimate Gaming/Workstation Computer Version 1.0

    Hope you enjoyed. CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always appreciated. ;)
  2. Tux


    Cool! Helps to be able to see my own part list.
  3. Your own part list?
  4. Tux


    In case you didn't get it, the link to the build is not correct.
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  5. Oops! My mistake. Fixed :p
  6. why do you need 32 gigabytes of ram?! There are like, 2 games that would actually benefit from more than 8gb. I'd say go for 16gb for the sake of future-proofing but 32gb is just overkill.

    While the CPU has good performance in raw numbers, it is terrible value for the price. CPU's should be selected with usage patterns and budget in mind, not just because it has the best performance. This CPU would be better for the sake of gaming, and far less of a wallet-rape (this one hovers around $350 and will have no trouble maxing any game you throw at it).

    $500 for a motherboard is just... no. As long as you have space for your PCI cards, enough SATAs for your drives and good enough sound, it should be enough (and SLI/xfire support if you need it.) I won't question the ridiculous amount of hard drive space, though I doubt most people would come close to filling all of that.

    A Titan X. As amazing as it is in sheer numbers, it's still downright overkill. AMD cards at less than half the price should max out pretty much every game you would ever care to run on the thing.

    I haven't known EVGA to be a good brand for PSU's, though it seems to be a decently reasonable choice overall assuming it won't explode.

    That monitor is just... so overpriced. You could get two 1440p IPS monitors at that price.

    For mouse and keyboard, I would suggest a Das Keyboard and either a cyborg RAT 9/7 (for FPS players) or a razer naga (for MMO/MOBA/RTS players).

    HD800's are obviously excellent headphones but do they really need to be here? Same goes for those ridiculously expensive speakers. If you want audio quality, there are probably still better speakers for cheaper. I never really saw the need to include specific sets of audio equipment in a PC parts list anyway, it just seems like an entirely different category of device for a completely different usage.

    All in all, this build seems to be "I HAVE MONEY SO THEREFORE I MUST SPEND IT ALL". You could easily chop the price of this into less than 1/4 of its current price and see essentially the exact same performance on video games. The rest of that money could go towards actual games.
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  7. You obviously didn't read most of the original post. 32GB IS needed for a workstation computer that could be used for anything. This is NOT just for gaming as you are constantly saying. Yes half the stuff here is overpriced but this is not what I am building. This is just an example of the ultimate workstation/gaming computer. I am not buying this neither do I want other people to buy this. Also a Titan X is needed if you want to use a 4k monitor and run intensive games at very high settings as well as needing it for other workstation related things. EVGA might not have very good PSU's but is it going to explode? Probably not. The mouse and keyboard are fine. From personal experience. HD800's are great headphones. Price is not a factor here. I couldn't afford this computer and I am sure a lot of people couldn't either. The price should not even be discussed.

    Welp, with that done.
    Time for some snoop dog for the wreckage to settle in.
  8. JamesJ


    Looks like you've just got the most expense computer parts and thrown them all together...
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  9. Pretty much. That is just this month. For next month, I want you guys to help me choose parts!
  10. JamesJ


    You're kidding, right?
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  11. Why would I be kidding? Whats so unbelievable about that?
  12. If this is just some silly concept that nobody should actually buy, it's basically a complete waste of everybody's time (especially yours). Also, my arguments about "optimizing parts for specific usage" still applies even for a workstation computer. Power for the sake of power helps nobody.
  13. It is just for fun. Why is everyone so serious here? Have fun. I just want to see what the most powerful and optimized computer is and maybe if I win the lotto one day I can buy it xD.
  14. JamesJ


    Because most people here are working, busy Meber if th community who browse when they get time.
    This is nothing like Bukkit.
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  15. This is way out of priced.. to play any game at max settings for at least 60+ fps, you don't need nearly this much in your pc.
  16. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    For that purpose, you'd need more than that.
    Then what's the point? Lol...
    Wrong. Complete overkill for anything but 3D rendering. GTX 970/980 is fine, if you absolutely want you can put another in SLI.

    And you do not need a Titan for a 4K screen... where did you get that idea...
    So you're admitting you selected bad hardware...
  17. This thread is a damn train wreck.
    @Cldfire don't think you aren't part of the crash by agreeing :p
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  18. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    Not as bad as the Macbook thread, but getting there.
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  19. Righteo. Seems like everyone is not getting the point and is being dickheads so I am gonna request a lock ;-;
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