Ultimate hacks?

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  1. Ok. So I am running nocheatplus plugin. But a guy came on and asked to pvp players. And so he 1 hit killed them with just iron sword and he was able to reach quite far about 6blocks plus all armour that was dropped was auto equiping once he walked over it. I am using nocheatplus latest version.

    So my question. Is there any other good anti cheat plugin? I have looked into these ones but dont know if they will be any different to nocheatplus. If I should configure nocheatplus then please tell me what particulary to edit. Thank you :)
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    AntiAura won't block the specific hack you're mentioning. I did make AntiAura, so reviewing my own product would be stupid. However, I had presumed that NoCheatPlus would block reach (Looks like I'm wrong?), and so I didn't bother with it.

    NoHacks is terrible. And I'm not just trying to kill the competition. Look at the reviews or ask developers if you are unsure to trust me. The code is terrible and it doesn't work as advertised.

    Advanced Anticheat may do what you want. It depends what this hacked client does and how it works. As a person very experienced in the way that hacks work, I can definitely think of a way of bypassing Advanced Anticheat's Reach hack (And possibly NoCheatPlus's, depending on how it's reach blocker works).
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  3. So no particular fix?
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    Depends what hacked client he's using. I don't think there's any public ones that bypass the reach hack yet, but I can easily think of a way to hit a person 6 blocks away while also bypassing current AntiCheat plugins.
  5. Ok. Well I guess I will have to face the one hit killers..
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    There's probably something out there to block one-hit kills.
  7. If it is not too much asked. It would be very apriciated if you could add the anti one hit adition and anti reach to your anti aura plugin. :)
  8. Once upon a time you can /hat a sword and it will actually increase your damage. Equipping another sword will stack the damage too, that's how I used to one-hit someone else. It is fixed right now, but I don't know since which version it was fixed.

    NoCheatPlus does block far-reach while I was using 1.7, it's been a while since I test hacks/see someone hacking on my server.

    Auto-equip seems to be a InvTweaks option, correct me if I'm wrong. Also there is always a "legit" way to hack, I used to make & develop & test legit hacks too.
  9. And as a whatever person, it is never appropriate to review yourself nor does your competitors (though it is allowed according to American's law). Sometimes I hate that too, because there are people ruining our average skill level. :p
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    Well, sorry if I did something wrong. I'm just being helpful, like I always have been.
  11. Don't worry, I hate when I run in this situation too :)
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    I'll look at it tomorrow. It's very late where I live at the moment, and I don't have the time.

    Should be possible, but I'm not sure.