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Ride API that can operate as a stand-alone plugin

  1. Rares submitted a new resource:

    Ultimate Carousels - Carousel API that can operate as a stand-alone plugin

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  2. Any place to demo this one?
  3. Not yet, however I am very confident that I will have a place to demo before monday.

    Thank you in advance for your patience
  4. Sweet, looks like something that might fit a need I have. Will keep watch on this one.
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  5. I can proudly say I've made consistent progress on the custom path system and I hope to finish it very soon.

    Unfortunately, I didn't have the time and funds to setup a demo server yet, but it is still one of my main priorities.

    Anyone that would wish to test the plugin is free to contact me on skype: cristaling1
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    Ultimate Rides

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  7. I would like to buy this resource if you can make it posible to make variable speeds and posibilty to make differents hights of the carts like this but still this plugin is realy awesome like an extra feature with a ability to add tilt to the carts
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  8. The variable speeds are already possible via the API.
    As for the tilting, the plugin is made up of elements(Rotor, Array, Entity). There is a planned element that should behave exactly as you showed in the video.
    If you follow the resource, spigot will notify you of every update I make.
  9. Buying soon!! Looks too awesome man.
  10. Glad to hear such words :D
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  11. I like Plugin Thaknx <3
  12. $20 for a plugin thats 36 kb???
  13. I do consider that the quality of code should be measured in functionality, not size.
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  14. @Rares yep but still $20??? whatever its your plugin not mine :D
  15. In my opinion the plugin is worth 20$, in your opinion it might be less, however it is up for the client to decide if they want to buy it or not. I am not forcing anyone to pay that much, it is their decision. :confused:

    If you would like to convince yourself of what it is capable of, I would be very happy to show you the plugin and answer your questions :D Just add me on Skype and let me know when you have the time ;)
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  16. Thank you