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The #1 rename & setlore plugin there is

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    UltimateRename - The #1 rename & setlore plugin there is

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    Slimmed Code

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  3. Everything returns null...
  4. Sorry, what do you mean? It should work fine in 1.8+ it's working fine on my server right now.
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  5. This was coded for 1.8.1, I will do a multi-version .zip soon, thanks. Sorry.
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  6. Thank you, I really like the posibility of adding new lines for lore just with ";", that leaves more space for the message.
    Because of that, you should also add shorter commands posibilitis, like: /ur for /rename and /ust for /setlore.
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  7. It is just ; I just put the ---> ; <--- so people knew the thing :p Thanks for letting me know this, I will post the update tomorrow when I get some time, is that okay with you?
  8. Heheh, I guess. Thank you again.
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  9. I think the problem is that you only check to see if the sender has the permission you set it to. Make it so it's like:

    if(sender.hasPermission("bla.bla") || sender.isOP)
  10. I am also getting:
    Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: me/RexlessTazz/Main : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

    I think you're compiling with 1.8 by mistake because I have Java 7 and many people say that major.minor version 52.0 is for Java 8. It could be incorrect though.
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    Added Version 1.8.1 & 1.8.3+

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  12. @Vreya update has been completed. :)
  13. Add a feature to remove lores like /remove lore <line #>
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  14. Thanks for the suggestion, I will get on that now! Maybe leave a review on the plugin? Thanks!
  15. I will leave a review when you add it ;)
  16. @SpoderMan A Lot Of People In Your Comments Are Getting The "Minor Major" Error, So Im Going To Decompile Your Code To Java 1.7.

    Edit: Nevermind, Just Saw Your Notes, I Will Only Do It If You Say I Can
  17. You may do so, but send the jar file to me. Thank you.
  18. Yes I have the same error. It has to be recompiled for Java 7. Most hosts still run on 7!