Spigot UltimateTNT - The ultimate TNT plugin 1.11.6

The ultimate TNT plugin: Timer, TNT Fly, Custom Name, Realistic explosion, Radius and lots more....

  1. Hi, peoples from my server said to me: try to make difficulting of creating a thrown tnt.
    So maybe can you add a special crafting for throwable tnt and this throwable tnt must have special name and label. And good option will was be added support worldguard for throw tnt (add custom flag: throw-tnt: allow/deny) ;)
  2. A little pop sound when throwing tnt might also be very satisfying =D
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  3. I will add this :)
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  4. Thanks :D
  5. Why only half of the blocks are regenerated? Signs, pressure plates, rails (including inclined rails), frames, wheat, stairs, pots, flowers, etc. Similarly, if TnT is thow several times at one point, blocks will be regenerated in half. And as I have blocks falling to ground in explosion, option DisableDrops: true does not work. If slab falls in the upper position, then on the ground is a huge block without texture (violet-black), so does leaves.
    P.S. Latest build paper 1.12.2
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  6. Can you send me the config of UltimateTNT ? Thanks
  7. Can you add voidstacking?
  8. Nevermind, they don't. Nice plugin, TNT ftw :D
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  9. is there any chance you can make it where we can add our own tnt with custom radius's and other configurable options like percent of blocks to drop when exploded per each custom tnt we have? basically i wanna have like 10 different types of tnt on my server, and i have a plugin for creating recipes. i want some to have larger radius's but drop less items when they explode, some that maybe do more damage to entities without causing a larger explosion, maybe some that only clear water and lava... probably too much to add. lol
  10. Had to remove the plugin due to it almost disabled all damage taken, and i could find any place to change it in the config. If anyone knows please help.
  11. Hello,
    Currently fall damages and tnt damages are reduced in the default config
    • To enable fall damages set FallDamage to 1.0 in the config
    • To enable tnt damages set TNTDamage to 1.0 in the config
  12. Thank you, guess I didn't read thru the config properly.
  13. Could you possible add to the config that you can change the amount of damage that throwable TNT does but not default tnt?

    So for example you can make throwable tnt weaker? than placing it normally.

  14. how do i get logs to explode while using the white-list mode for 1.12.2? I tried these but nothing still.

    Code (Text):

      - 'ACACIA_LOG'
      - 'BIRCH_LOG'
      - 'DARK_OAK_LOG'
      - 'JUNGLE_LOG'
      - 'OAK_LOG'
      - 'SPRUCE_LOG'
    Code (Text):

      - 'LEGACY_LOG_2:0'
      - 'LEGACY_LOG:2'
      - 'LEGACY_LOG_2:1'
      - 'LEGACY_LOG:3'
      - 'LEGACY_LOG:0'
      - 'LEGACY_LOG:1'
    Code (Text):

      - '162:0'
      - '17:2'
      - '162:1'
      - '17:3'
      - '17:0'
      - '17:1'