Bukkit Ultra Cosmetics [OPENSOURCE | FREE] [1.8-1.12] 2.4.11

#1 Cosmetics plugin! Treasure Chests, Gadgets, Hats, Pets, Morphs, Mounts, Effects and more!

  1. this is awesome and i love it, but on my server, i'm getting more users than not saying they love it but they don't want it taking up an inventory slot, people begging me to "disable it while they're on" and people litterally leaving over it, which is getting rediculous!

    Is there any way to make this into an item you can move? or at least something you can click in the main inventory and not the hotbar, if its going to be locked? :/
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  2. If you read the configuration then you would know the answer: yes.
  3. actually no, reading the config, it says i can remove it, change what the item is, and all that.. but i cannot "unlock it" from the place its in. If i'm missing something, what is it called? i assume i'm looking for "lock-item: true" or somethign and setting it to false. but searching that turns up nothing. please tell me what its called.
  4. can somebody send me the Permissions?
  5. Hi! iSach
    Why jar file contains 9 indentical copies for each file?
    I understand that plugin is built for 8 versions of spigot, but why ALL "shared" files are duplicated 9 times?

    "shared" - I mean:
    and so on

    May be something wrong with gradle config?
    Size of jar can be reduce up to 5-6 times
  6. is there a dj feature for this plugin?
  7. This plugin uses a lot of ram. Around 2GB with no players. After removing it I regain 2GB of ram.
  8. Gadgets on this plugin can be duped. When using the gadget and when ya do /hat... then log off. you can literally get the beacon itself.
  9. A cool feature in this would be to make the treasure chests an object so you have to click the object and you will open a chest instead of being able to do it anywhere, an other idea would be different types of chest with different chances of items and different key prices
  10. I'm having a problem with the plugin. It keeps saying cosm.PNG I checked the config and I teleported to every world I created and it works in none of them. Could someone please help me with this?
  11. There's a section in the config (for me line 309) called Enabled-Worlds. Add the worlds you would like the cosmetics to work in there.
  12. Why Does The Angel Wings Not Work Also most of the particles dont work
    -Yes I have Particles Enabled
  13. Players can switch the active gadget using a shortcut so if it's in the number 5 they put the mouse on and press 1, 2, 3, 4, - , 6, 7, 8, or 9 then they can drop it because the item is no longer identified as the gadget. Free items even the beacon one...
  14. @iSach
    Hi I remember the cosmetics having sounds, missing something?
  15. Hey! there is a problem where you use the ' Dragon ' mount and you can fly through blocks and even barriers to escape lobby walls

    Can you please fix so mounts cannot fly thru blocks
  16. Also when entering a world that has ultracosmetics disabled / when entering a different world the gadgets in the inventory no longer work when they are added back to the inventory.

    And are you able to make an option in the config where you can set a value to true / false where it teleports a player to a certain location when they are opening treasure chests then they get teleported back to their original location at a set time that is set in the config? as in most lobbies there is no room to open treasure chests and just says there is no room for the treasure chests.
  17. Nice, this plugin has too much duping... from hats, pets and gadgets. 0/10 plugin.
  18. Code (Text):
    [10:43:15 INFO]: 06/29/2018 - UltraCosmetics [INFO]: initial SQLLoader to reduce lag when table is large
    [11:03:05 WARN]: Fri Jun 29 11:03:05 UTC 2018 WARN: Establishing SSL connection without server's identity verification is not recommended. According to MySQL 5.5.45+, 5.6.26+ and 5.7.6+ requirements SSL connection must be established by default if explicit option isn't set. For compliance with existing applications not using SSL the verifyServerCertificate property is set to 'false'. You need either to explicitly disable SSL by setting useSSL=false, or set useSSL=true and provide truststore for server certificate verification.
    [11:03:06 INFO]: UltraCosmetics -> Successfully connected to MySQL server! :)
    [11:03:15 INFO]: 06/29/2018 - UltraCosmetics [INFO]: initial SQLLoader to reduce lag when table is large
    Can you make a hotfix for that? Which just need add a "useSSL=false" after "jdbc:mysql://" + this.hostname + ":" + this.portNumber + "/" + this.database;" in /src/main/java/be/isach/ultracosmetics/mysql/MySqlConnection.java
  19. Hey, love the plugin.

    Any chance of a reload command that reloads the config for when minor changes are made?

  20. @iSach How do you remove the echest and make it a command?
    As in there is no enderchest in your inventory and you can do a command such as /cosmetics
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