Bukkit Ultra Cosmetics [OPENSOURCE | FREE] [1.8-1.12] 2.4.11

#1 Cosmetics plugin! Treasure Chests, Gadgets, Hats, Pets, Morphs, Mounts, Effects and more!

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  2. how do i add lores to the main menu items for exple i wanna add a lore to gadgets menu with "a cool menu"
  3. @Tech_Bot_7

    Here's a run down on how Spigot works and how developers get things done.

    1. GitHub is where things are reported 99% of the time for issues.
    2. GitHub tends to have the latest Beta builds of most things before they are publicly released to Spigot
    3. OpenSource is a nice term that means if you know how to fricken java then get off your butt and code fixes for the plugin YOURSELF if you gonna complain about bugs.
    4. Free means the person gets NO MONEY AT ALL from the plugin, thus they are working on the plugin in their free time.
    5. If you have ever used UC at all..and if you have ever played Hypixel, you can tell right away... the most popular server in the minecraft community uses the plugin you just gave a 2 star review. Meaning if they can make it work, I guess you better figure crap out to make it work as well.
    6. Read 1 through 3 again, because that's the basics of spigot. Enjoy your crash course on how things work around here.
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  4. Hypixel doesn’t use UC.
  5. Um... yea they do.

    Ever take UC apart and see things?

    Trampoline... HyPixel
    Emotes? HyPixel
    Heads? HyPixel
    Suits? Yet again HyPixel.

    They do use it, they just reworked the open sourced code into something better; but it's still there mate.
  6. Probably just copied it or UC copied it off them.
  7. UC copied it from them, all of hypixels plugins are usually original (other than a set few like world edit and world guard) the rest is custom coded and are their ideas, other plugins just take inspiration from what they've made.

    EDIT - More proof on this

    The first release for UC was in 2015
    Hypixel released the "August mega update" (https://hypixel.net/threads/the-august-mega-update-has-arrived.152809/) in 2014. This is where all the cosmetic changes came in including gadgets and such.
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  8. I gave it a 1-star review because I said something was broken months ago over on the Discord which obviously never got fixed I now like the replacement I found for it (Yes it may have cost us money but still a lot better). I stuck with this plugin until we found that one which I found to be a lot better and a lot cleaner. Yes, this plugin is open source and I know I could have fixed it If I actually knew Java well. However, I decided it was not worth my time at all to fix and would just make player base angrier than they would have been if we removed it entirely to either A: Switch to our own plugin or B: Another much better plugin for our cosmetics. So before you say anything else and blame me for something I did mention was broken months ago which the developer clearly ignored and got all mad at me when I pointed out that I personally went on the Discord to say "hey such and such was broken" and gave a plugin a review that it actually needed.
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  9. Would it be possible to include NoteBlockAPI for the "radio" gadget, that would be playing different songs from the midis included in that plugin?
  10. Either that or when the "Radio" is equipped, you can listen to the song you specify in the radio menu.
  11. is there 1.13/1.14 support?
  12. Hi Cob how you been mate? I think there might be something a person made somewhere in the discord, at least for 1.13.2 {it's working on my server right now for 1.13.2} I think a person in the discord could be working on a 1.14 support commit for it.

  13. What a nice plugin! Uhm... I have one question tho. Can we set it up to that people can’t purchase the ammo and other stuff and need to get it through treasure chest and buy it from buycraft ?
  14. The uc give key command does not work for me via rcon.
  15. Very great plugin for hub servers!