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  1. If you have any advice just send me a message!
    I'm improving this script and i need ideas!
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    1.2 - Buy lifes signs, Anti XRay and Monsters Effects

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  4. Make a JAR! I'm done with all thees Scripts. Jars run better and faster if coded right with our errors and scripts just lag most shit and is more complicated for the regular user(s). When I see this as a Jar. I'll think about buying this, till then I'll be working on my own plugin for this.

    Anyway, Love you <3
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  5. Hi, thanks for your advice but i can't do a jar.
    Let me explain this.
    Scripts made using skript doesn't create lag or errors if you build and config them in the right way.
    I had a server made just using skript (KitPvP with special kits and special skills like Vampire, Demons, Predator etc..Skyland = Survival + Skyblock with custom stronger monsters, MineZ 3.0 = A minez with more features than the original and a creative plot world managed with scripts). With it i could correct every minecraft bug, i could create a new kind of server. I had an average of 30/40 players online and more than 120 different users every day. What i want to say it's just that skript doesn't create lag or errors. It is like a jar plugin, if you make a bad code it will generate lag.
    With skript if you create a code "Every 1 tick: loop all entities" or "On spawn of a zombie: spawn a zombie" your server will die in few seconds because it's impossibile to manage these.
    I didn't learn how to create a jar plugin because i don't manage the server anymore due to exams, university etc so i just create scripts.
    Some weeks ago there was a problem in the other script i have : Simple Hub Manager 4 and 1 user said "Can you correct this kind of problem?". It was really easy for me because i just had to read the code and edit few things. After he asked me 3 more features : 2 hours and the user who paid for Simple Hub Manager had his two new features. As you can see i'm quite fast to support users.

    Also, the configuration that i create for every script it's really easy to read and understand.
    This is an example:
    I'm not english and maybe i can do errors but if it says : Insert 0 to disable or insert 1 to enable this feature you can't insert 2 so i can't understand why this should be hard to config.

    Code (Text):
    # How many hours does a player need to recharge ONE life?
    #  This recharge time will be applied to players who have "UHF.UserLifesStack" "UHF.EliteLifesStack" or "UHF.VipLifesStack" permissions
    #  Time in hours

        LifeRecharge: 24

    # Broken diamonds
    #   When a player mines a diamond ore there's a chance that the diamond will be broken and you can't get it.
    #   This decrease the amount of diamonds in your hardcore server
    #   Please, rembember that:
    #      There's a feature below that diamonds ore will drop ONLY diamonds ores. So, this force players to smelt them.
    #      This feature works with diamonds ores not on diamonds.
    #      This means that if you can drop a diamond ore doesn't mean that this feature won't work.
    #      You can also break a diamond ore drop and have nothing
    #   Possible values: From 0 to 100%
    #   Just insert the number, do not insert % too
    #   0 means "disable this feature"

        BrokenDiamondsChance: 25

    # Now you have to smelt diamonds
    #   Furnaces are not so important. What about add this feature?
    #   If you enable this feature, diamonds ores won't drop the mineral but will drop the ore!
    #   If you want the mineral you have to smelt the ore!
    #   If you want to enable that, insert 1. If you want to disable that insert 0

        OreDrop: 1

    I hope that you can understand what i mean, regards :)
  6. Currently there seems to be a 24 day ban limit. Please lift this ban cap. I would like to ban players for one year.
  7. Well, this is a problem. I had to search on google to understand why and now i know that Java (Skript uses java because it's a plugin) allow to add just 24 days using the timespan effect.
    I tried to duplicate the timespan but it doesn't work.
    What i can do it's just rewrite the whole ban code and try to switch from timespan to date system but i don't have my computer as now because i'm not at home.
    When i'll return i start work on it.
    In the next version i'll add commands on console too because actually they can used just from player.
  8. Any open api in the future?
  9. Would only buy if it's a jar. I hate script.
  10. Also you have to put [SCRIPT] in the title since its a script.

    And yes script IS worse than jar, lowers liability and comparability.
  11. First of all it's sKript not sCript
    2nd: Are you able to use Skript and create good scripts? If not you can't say "Skript is bad"
    3rd: Bad liability? Again. How can you say that?
    4th: Just look SHM in my resources page. 48 downloads and no one said "Bad liability" or "doesn't work".

    I had a custom server with Skript. Custom KitPvp,Minez and Skyland : 14 plugins (1 Skript + 1 SkQuery + 1 WildSkript). 4GB, 55 players on, 19.88 tps.
    If you don't like skript never mind, who cares? I'm not the Skript's owner. Just don't use it and end of story. I'm not saying that you must use it.

    PS: Sometimes people don't know how to use Skript. They contact me saying "Please help" and I help them. If you like to use Jar plugins do it. But I'm happy to help people how I can. I just hope that you do the same :)
  12. Do I need to be able to code a plugin to call a plugin bad? No. You don't see many big servers using script as jars are the more favored way. And you don't have to run off another thing and is much easier to maintain on the server if something goes wrong with it.

    Again if it's paid, don't me surprised when people ask for jars as it, in their opinion, is 500000 billion times better than script.
  13. @Andrea can you make a free version?
  14. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  15. You going to give all the people's money back? Can't just remove a plugin if people payed for it... :/ just like the rest...