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  1. No there is unfortunatly not
  2. Could you make it to where we can tell Uperms which warp they can use instead of *
  3. You can add the permission in the uncategorized permission section
  4. How to connect to buy craft like because if they buy a rank its normally /pex user {player} group set {rank} but its all gui so how would I be able to make it with buycraft
  5. Use the /upc command
  6. TechXcrafter updated Ultra Permissions with a new update entry:

    Huge revamp of all GUI's & Commands + API

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Hey, updated to the new version and now the permissions doesnt have any effect;
    I enable for example essentials.suicide for the default group and try to use it and i dont have the permission to use it. Im on the same group, in the uperms menu appears enabled but when executing any command doesnt work, please help.
  8. Also, enabling permissions for a specific player works, but permissions in group and people assigned to groups doesnt.
  9. Ill fix it once im home
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  10. I tried installing but wont work. Im using spigot and i wrote the key in chat but it doesnt let me be superadmin. HELP
  11. It seems like you have a chat plugin that is detecting the key as an advertisement
  12. hi @TechXcrafter ,i'm not your customer. but someone reports bug in my plugin, i ask him what permission plugin he use, and he using ultra perms.
    the problem is, your permission from ultraperms doesn't show when using this method :
  13. Sorry if I'm just being stupid but I am requesting some help.

    After updating to 2.0 none of the group's prefixes will show up in chat or in the tablist and I am unsure of how I can fix this.

    Along with this what is the command to put someone into a subgroup? Can't see it in the help section.

  14. You could just iterate through the permissions (p#hasPermission) instead of getting the list of permissions. Now that I know that you're using #getEffectivePermissions I will just overwrite that method too to support your plugin.
  15. Thanks man :)

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