Premium Ultra Permissions [Paid]

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  1. Will this plugin work with bungeecord/waterfall? Not in the sense that it it only supports it, but more like the bungeeperms plugin ? I guess what I want to know is will this plugin work as a bungee plugin, so when one permission gets updated on say one server, all the permissions get updated on all servers? IDK, I think it might be a stupid question, but I would just like to make sure before I make any more mistakes than I already have...:confused:
  2. How do I localize the language?
  3. Am I able to add permission via a command for my tebex store?
  4. a chat plugin with channel system compatible with this plugin?
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  5. Could you make it could migrate data from other permission plugin?
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  6. hi i was just wondering which version would be best to use for 1.12.2 servers sense i am running a stability white listed server that is heavily modded.
  7. Highest if possible
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  8. Well, my friend had bought this plugin to his server, but he want to use the TAGS/Prefixes with the Plugin UChat/UltimateChat made by FabioZumbi12, this is possible?? if not, could you "adapt" to work with UChat?? thank you very much ♥♥♥
  9. should work. for more info your friend has to message me
  10. Hello I'm using the CMI essentials replacement with this plugin and it appears that none of the permissions from that plug in are recognized when added to a ripe no matter what it will still display me with you do not have permission there is even a functionality in CMI that shows what permission node you are missing and adding the permission even directly to the user doesn't make a difference I submitted a ticket to them days and after multiple days waiting on a reply they said that it was a problem with ultra permissions but they were going to release a small patch their patch did nothing to fix my problem I'm hoping you can help me since I've paid for both of these plugins
  11. You can also manually type in the permissions. You dont have to rely on the permissions suggested in the gui.
    Also you may be lacking the cmi.command permission.
  12. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    No I have gone into the chat and manually added CMI.command CMI.command.*
    cMI.Spawn but it still does not allow the use of the,nd it says you're not have permission for this and if I hover over it I see that it will say you need the permission CMI.spawn but adding the permission does not change the result even if I type it in chat
  13. I would probably use the permission log feature to view all checked permissions to see which you are missing. For more help please join my discord for a faster conversation
  14. Just dont ever edit the System.dat and you wouldnt have gotten that error
  15. I have never edited System.dat
    This error does not affect any features of the plugin. Just annoying