Premium Ultra Regions [Paid]

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  1. Its a really nice idea. Maybe i delete Multiverse and buy your Plugin..
  2. Nice again but it lacks of information just like your other plugins there is an image but not a lot of explanations. Let's get hydra it took me quite a bit to understand that plugin and it's functions. Anyway in case of multiverse you know what you get good explanation is there. In here some screenshots some info and that's it the wiki is not even done for this plugin yet. I understand this plugin was just created but hay other plugins that were created by this author still lack of good wiki page and info. I like your plugins but you do have to show people of exactly what plugin does and it's features to make users know if it's worth a price.

    All i say here is my opinion don't be angry at me :). I say what i fill :)
    By looking at the page the multiverse is still number 1. As i can't compare to each as not a lot of information there is about plugin
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  3. I agree, some more detailed information, especially with permissions and commands is needed. Also since multiverse is so prevalently used, i'd love to see a converter to entice more folks with an easy transition.
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  4. Yeah I made that mistake. the images mention nothing about inventory management, but claims to be an alternative to a plugin with inventory management, so i took the gamble hoping that means it would have it, and now i'm down some money until its added, if it gets added.

    Especially saying its an alternative to multiverse, i agree should have a converter if it wants to be a replacement.
  5. @TechsCode please please add some more detailed information, especially with permissions and commands. I don't want to make a blind purchase and it end up being something less than what i'd hoped for.
    I also have a few questions i hoped you might be able to answer.
    Does Reworld support:
    -Restricting users from going to specific worlds by using permissions
    -Custom world aliases and name colors.
    -Restricting animal/monster spawning. Per animal/monster!
    -Setting the mode (survival,creative) per world
    -Creating worlds with a set seed or custom generators or even a void world
    -The ability to choose which worlds keep their spawn chunks loaded
    I'd love to buy and use this plugin as a truly updated alternative for multiverse but currently i just don't know enough.
  6. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. If you feel like the features displayed in the spigot page are worth it then go for it and buy it. Most of the stuff you are asking for has not been added yet since this plugin is still relatively new. The current state of it is that im getting all the other stuff done for my other plugins to then completely focus on it.

    What it already has:
    -Restricting animal/monster spawning. Per animal/monster!
    -Creating worlds with a set seed or custom generators or even a void world (with emptyworldgenerator)
  7. So could I straight up replace multiverse with this? (Before I buy)
  8. Yeah.
  9. For support you have to own the resource
  10. I bought the plugin but it is in another account since it is the one I give to my manager to update the server
  11. Then ask with the account that you bought the plugin from.