Ultra Server Lags [6 TPS] (Help Me)

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by FlappyCraft, May 29, 2016.

  1. Hello, womans and people.
    My server has been lags, help me pls: https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=16805065
    CPU: intel xenon x5560 (two) OVERCLOCKING? YES TO 3.6Ghz;
    RAM: 24GB;
    SSD: YES, 120GB;
    NETWORK: 1Gbit/s;
    Yesterday lag nebylo such, they have appeared recently. An interesting fact that if you include /stoplag the TPS holds at 20, with 150 online.
    After restarting the server, TPS quickly falls to the same values.
  2. Something is problem with your CPU/Intel Xeon.
    I'm not sure what the problem is. Have you looked if your CPU is supported to be overclocked?
    To be sure please contact Intel support.
  3. I think you need to reduce the max tick of tile entities
  4. Yeah it's defiantly a tile entity issue. 29,199 a TICK lol. But 24,378 of these are chests, which do pretty much nothing on tick. So i'd say to look around for your 535 hoppers that are most likely bunched together and defiantly mess around with the hopper timings withing the spigot config.
  5. hello womans and people!!! I fix the problem!!!! I restart the server, and change cpu to i7 4790k 4.7Ghz, and with 300+ online get 20tps!!! Thanks for you help!!!