Spigot UltraCommand | custom commands, easy 1.1.0

UltraCommand allows admins to create custom commands, aliases, masks and more. Endless Possabilitys.

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    UltraCommand | custom cmds, easy aliases, Endless Possabilitys - UltraCommand allows minecraft server admins to define unlimited custom commands.

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    compatibility, command priority and command expectations fix.

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    More Compatibility and various bugfixes

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  4. Hi @rmellis! Nice plugin. Is there any way to register it's commands, so autocomplete / tab works?
  5. Hi, glad you're enjoying it :)
    Unfortunately there currently isn't a way of doing this, because the commands are custom and specified in the config i cant pre specify them for an autocomplete feature, for example say the plugin contained the command "/killall < mob>" we would be able to specify in the code to have an autocomplete function for that /killall command and setup autocomplete from there for the rest of the command, but because i cant add commands that dynamicly appear in the commands.yml there's no way i know of doing this that I'm aware of.
  6. Don't know how this dude (a competitor) made it, but he did it and implemented registered custom commands.


    But this one hasn't any (up to date) documentation. Doesn't seems very user friendly to me. Maybe you can find a way?!
  7. The MyCommands plugin is a very large plugin compared to this, it has a huge set of classes and offers a lot more for those that need it,
    i think it works by utilizing an internal database that is synced with the plugin that registers them, but UltraCommand doesn't have any kind of assets that would pretentiously cause lagg like registering new commands, its intended to be as simple and feature rich as i can make it without making something huge, but i cant look into MyCommand more because it isnt open source.
    it could be another technique they were able to work out however i cant think of another way they would accomplish it without an internal database that is accessed by an custom command suggestion listener.

    UltraCommand is able to work with just 5 single classes which is perfect for basic command scripting with plenty of features and very lite on the system.
    MyCommand is very large in comparison with more than 100 classes giving it many extended features but is heavier on the system.
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  8. Okay, thanks for clarification. :)
    Didn't know that this is so much complicated. Maybe there's a way to registering commands in the future. I hope. I hope.

    Stay safe!
  9. For example, when the plug-in starts to load, read the content of the command file, and then start to register the command? Request to support 16-bit color
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