Spigot UltraMagicRecked 3.4

Ever thought of having magic spells customly craftable?

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    UltraMagicRecked - Every thought of having magic spells customly craftable?

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  2. 500 downloads in 1 day...
    0 followers, 0 ratings, 0 comments (except for this one)...
    Seems sneaky...
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  3. I am not being sneaky but I am working as fast as I can on a update also, the tntshooter is soon to be ready.
  4. Seems cool, add permissions and better desc before I can download, my server is based off Clash of Clans so I would rather have it so wizards can only use powers :p.
  5. I will try the permissions and I will add you can just then add the perms to the wizards ok?

    Btw thanks for the recommendation I am working my best to make all the wands work 100% right now trust me
  6. Nice Plugin <33