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  1. i want to try making a plugin ,and im new, i heard skript is good for starters anyone can guide me ? and is making an nbt editor plugin to edit player data ingame is hard to make?

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  2. learning java and using that to make plugins is just the best way 2 go
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  3. I recommend you go for Java over skript. Yeah sure skript is faster to learn in the short term but you will find java is way better for designing plugins. Also, you can use java for other stuff apart from Minecraft.
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    If you want to make actual plugins you should learn Java. Skript scripts are not plugins they are interpreted by the Skript plugin. Skripts also offer worse performance than actual plugins as you’re adding another layer.

    Skript -> Java -> bytecode.

    Java -> bytecode.

    Go with Java plugins if you’re up to the task of sitting down and learning something useful that can benefit you in life depending on which path you choose to take.

    Also choose something less challenging as your startup project.
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  5. like i dont know how to make plugins in java
  6. i dont know how to make a plugin with java
    and any of u know a plugin that can edit players nbt ingame?(ik this is the wrong forum for this maybe u know )
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  8. Every professional started as a beginner. No one was born knowing how to code, and everyone is still learning