Unable to break or build in the desert.

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Lord_Varko, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. I am unable to build there for some reason, including the swamp biome and snow biome. I can build at spawn and everwhere else I've adventured into. I am op, 1.13, creative mode, most plugins updated.

    Could it be that I have gone accross the world boundary?
  2. Do you have a world border set? If yes, do you know know where it is and if you have passed it?
    If not... the default world border is something like 30,000,000 ... so chances are you're not there yet
    Also... Its probably a plugin stopping you from doing it. You should remove plugins 1 by 1 and see which one is causing the issue.
  3. It's the worldborder. I'm trying to locate biomes and there's nothing much around not even past 20000.
  4. That didnt really answer my question, I should have been more clear... do you have the plugin WorldBorder, have you set a world border and have you gone past it?
  5. Ive set it to 20000 from 15000 and I've loaded into an app to find a mesa biome. I cannot find one.
  6. Also my server is Level-type=DEFAULT and yet my biomes are large.
  7. Okay.... so are you having a problem finding a certain biome? Or building in a certain biome?
    I feel like you have two different topics going on now in this thread.
    As for your original question regarding not being able to break/build in those biomes. Ill ask again, HAVE you gone past the world border?? If you went past it somehow that is likely why you cant build.
    As for not finding specific biomes, and this "Also my server is Level-type=DEFAULT and yet my biomes are large." Are you using a world generation plugin?
  8. Yeah I know now that it was a border issue; I was well past the border and that's why I could not build or break. The reason I went past the border was to find a biome so I just teleported to outside the border. I'm not using a world gen plugin, no.
  9. I might have to start again with the entire map and just create and save schematics of the spawn, and then paste them onto the new map. I am not looking forward to that.
  10. Strahan


    Odd, it should have been painfully obvious you were past the border. The screen goes red tinted. Why not just disable the border?

    Post your seed; I find it hard to believe there aren't any mesa in a 20k block range.
  11. I deleted the whole map now, and createda new map. I had to extend the border to 1500000 to source a mesa biome.