Unable to connect to individual servers

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  1. I am creating a server. I am setting up forced hosts so every IP that is connected to the BungeeCord leads to the server's hub/lobby. However, whenever I try to connect to either of them, they both give me this message right away:
    I am not certain what the cause could be, but here is my config:
    In the config IP forwarding is on.
    This problem also occurs without the forced hosts in the config.
    Anybody know what the problem is? Thank you in advance! :)
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  2. electronicboy

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    Your problem is that you're trying to connect directly to the spigot servers, you can't do that in bungeecord mode (and the fact that you can see that screen is indicative that you proooobably need to configure your servers securely)
  3. Okay, thanks. Do you know how I could prevent this screen? As you said I need to configure my servers more securely.