Unable to post premium plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Lifeonblack, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Hello so I cannot post any of premium plugin as of now I think? I already exceed this section requirements so why I cannot anyone having this problem the same?
  2. Please wait an hour or 24 hours. If you're still not able to post after that, contact support. Make sure you have all the requirements. The system updates every X hours or so. And remember, we are not MC-Market. If you only come for Premium plugins, go to MC-Market :)
  3. I didn't came for only premium plugins this is my first time to post a premium plugins because I put a lot on effort on it despite having a work in company :( I am not that greedy, I am going to post alot of free plugins after this one.
  4. Just saying, most people just come here to earn money and nothing else. Don't accept it if you're not, I was just saying. Goodluck with it :)
  5. I'm not telling I won't accept that, I keep that on my mind.
  6. Thought you needed at least 4 free plugins to be able to post a paid one, could be wrong tho
  7. it is clearly said 3 free plugins.
  8. My apologies.
  9. not a problem.