Unable to use port 25565?

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  1. I am unable to setup bungeecord to connect to. The following will be information regarding it.

    - admin
    - disabledcommandhere
    player_limit: -1
    stats: 5a8a30c7-2239-4c18-8032-63fcde17cb5a
    - bungeecord.command.server
    - bungeecord.command.list
    - bungeecord.command.alert
    - bungeecord.command.end
    - bungeecord.command.ip
    - bungeecord.command.reload
    - max_players: 10
    fallback_server: 'HUB Server'
    bind_local_address: true
    ping_passthrough: false
    tab_list: GLOBAL_PING
    default_server: 'HUB Server'
    pvp.md-5.net: pvp
    tab_size: 60
    force_default_server: false
    motd: '&1Another Bungee server'
    query_enabled: false
    query_port: 25577
    timeout: 30000
    connection_throttle: 4000
    'HUB Server':
    address: localhost:25564
    restricted: false
    motd: '&1Just another BungeeCord - Forced Host'
    ip_forward: false
    online_mode: true

    It shows up as "Can't connect to server" when I ping it on MC.

    It's ip is port 25565.
    It is running in console however says offline on sever list.
    I am running CentOS 6.5 w/ multicraft latest version.

    IF I use a different port such as 25566 it will work fine, but I should be able to use 25565.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. @Trevor1134 For the host you don't need to specify the 25565 as its the default minecraft server port. Also can you post your server.yml for you other servers please as you may have missed something in there
  3. First, check if port 25565 is blocked by your host or not.
  4. ew multicraft get rid, if you have a putty (screen),

    netstat -tulpn | grep 25565

    kill -9 <id goes here that showed from [netstat -tulpn | grep 25565] >

    if not just reboot your box.
  5. you have started prosses java?