Spigot UnbreakingAnvils 1.0.2

Stop pesky anvils from breaking!

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  2. Awesome that a working infinite anvil plugin is out, but when I break an unbreaking anvil, it isn't removed from the .yml file/set to false. Fix that, and i'll happily give you a 5-star rating :D
  3. Happily! I have just uploaded a fix. That was a careless mistake my side :p.
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  4. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the plugin so far!
  5. Currently not sure what else (if anything) to add to this plugin! Tell me what you'd want to be added.
  6. Interesting. I will be looking into this soon.
  7. question i have loads of anvils at spawn for decorations and i also want them to be useable but not breakable how can i just
    protect them all with this without going one by one?

    there should be a command where you hold the anvil in your hand and do /anivl sethand and where you place down that anvil it will
    be protected or just /anvil setanvil 100 the (100) being a radius :/

    EDIT: Scratch the anvil hand. (doing /pt anvil setanvil) while holding a stick and left click
    the anvil is a bit easier but would love at least a world protect or a radius command, thanks
  8. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion. I just got back from vacation, and will be working to fix some problems and add easier anvil selection soon! Have a good day.
  9. The new update (UnbreakingAnvils version 1.0.2) is coming out soon today! It will offer the following:

    - Updated jar to use Bukkit 1.8.3 (Still works in versions before 1.8.3)
    - Fixed anvils sometimes breaking
    - Added new /anvil setInRadius <radius> command! Allows you to mass set anvils in a radius.
    - New configuration option! Allows you to set the maximum allowed radius used in the (above) /anvil setInRadius command. Defaults to 50.
  10. Alright! Sorry for the (long) delay of said update. I am now releasing the newest build!
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    Update 1.0.2 - More things!

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  12. ooh nice thanks for the update, also this just make them not fully break right? i seem them crack but never break just wanna make sure lol
  13. Yes. I have fixed it so they now are guaranteed to fully repair. If you notice that they're breaking, please tell me :).
  14. oh sweet would i have to re-add them new again or just update and the plugin replaces them?
  15. No need to re-add! I haven't modified any saving features in this version. You may just need to regenerate your config.yml.
    EDIT: As to partially broken "Unbreaking Anvils", the next time a player uses the anvil it will fully repair.
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  16. hmmm the dont seem to re-add back on 1.8.8 does it work for that version?
  17. I can't think of a reason it wouldn't. So, what do you mean it doesn't re-add? They still break?