Unexplainable Server Lag

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  1. I am Head Admin (and sometimes acting owner) of an Airship Pirates server and we are having issues with "net lag", where the TPS shows fine, CPU, RAM and disk are all fine but for no explainable reason we are having horrible delays between what we do and when it happens on the server, sometimes it goes in excess of 5 minutes before things happen.

    Timings: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=11684037
  2. 1. You have a lot of entities for ~10 players.
    2. Movecraft causes lag.
  3. So about the entities, we have worldguard regions around our cities that prevent monsters from spawning in them, which makes it so that the mobs end up concentrated around the edges of these regions. My plan is to add monsters and animals to the ClearLagg auto clear and speed up those clears.
    About Movecraft: Movecraft is essential to this server, the point of this server is to travel from city to city carrying cargo and make alot of money, sinced the developer of Movecraft is also the server owner he is planning to try and make Movecraft more efficient, but there is no way the server should work without it so for now we just have to deal with it. Long story short Movecraft stays no matter the lag.

    Another thing that hopefully will help is that we are getting moved to a host instead of running off the owner's computer, an upgrade from:
    • Intel 3rd Gen Core I7
    • SSD
    • 3GB RAM (per server)
    • AMD Opteron 3365 Octacore
    • 2x SSD - RAID1
    • 32GB RAM (total, so atleast 24 for this server)
  4. <You can try installing NoMoreLagg or UnusedChunks
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    most likely network lag, movecraft looks like it does a lot of block updates
  6. Have you checked how many chunks are loaded at one time? Also, this is less likely as I'm sure you've checked this - but what's your latency like? Hope this helps.
  7. Well, I didn't think of checking the loaded chunks, we have 5.3k chunks loaded.
    The network lag is a know issue, which we hope to eliminate with a host.

    To try and combat the mobs the owner turned the spawn rate from 70 to 35.

    Here is a new timings report: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=11693108
  8. So after some work we still have this lag, dropping to 13TPS relatively fast and for no apparent reason.

    Here is a timings report that I let run for a few hours:

    If anyone could help me find the source of the lag it would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Movecraft is taking alot on the server load, try removing it :)
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  10. Well as I said earier, without movecraft this server doesn't happen. But there seems to be another source of lag.
  11. It is, the timings point to it, movecraft is the main one. I have no idea who your dev is, but he must be pretty shitty at what he does if it takes that much load on your server. Or, it could be your host itself, but that seems fine.
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    you may want to look into optimizing movecraft
  13. Move craft is your problem... But I understand, I wouldn't remove my servers key feature. Try getting clear lag! That will save your life! Also, you have to many entities! Again, use clear lag. If you haven't already, turn off anti X-ray that will help.

    Wait, you were hosting off your owner's PC?!? Know wander you lagged!
  14. So the owner updated the native mode of movecraft, it basically does none of the lighting checks, but it leaves you with ugly light streaks on the water. Now we are having barely any problems with lag. On clearlag: we have the plugin but the owner refuses to use it to clear mobs (something about taking away from Roleplay)

    I will turn down the mob spawn rate and turn off Xray.

    The owner's PC did have a better CPU, and I think that is why all of the sudden movecraft started lagging the server worse, but the host has a much better internet connection and more RAM.

    We also reduced the player count down to 20 from 30, this also helped.
  15. From what I heard the AMD Cpu's singlethread is really bad and not good for minecraft at all.
    SSD Raid 1 is pretty good so no complaints
    32 GB Ram can hold quite a lot but why dedicate 24gb of ram to 1 server? The will fill up the garbage collector from java fairly quick and lag up the server (From my experience).
  16. Same.
  17. So, we didn't have a choice on the host, a fellow server owner heard we needed a host and gave us this for 3 months. If we had to choose we would have chosen a faster CPU but again, donated host. We run our main server with 8GB RAM and our secondary with 4GB. The owners machine was 3.0GHz, this is 2.4GHz, which explains the unexpected CPU lag.

    After our 3 months is up on this host we will try to look for a host with a better CPU.
  18. Just letting you know that you may wanna do a lot of back ups of your server as the owner of that machine can remove your server at any time and or steal your server for his own use and claim it...
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  19. Yes, we are aware he may copy it, but I think the YouTube publicity we have generated will prove that it's ours.
    And the person who gave us a host has been very nice to us and we haven't had any issues.