[Unfortunately This Was Solved] Uploading A Premium KitPvp Plugin! | Plz Plz Plz!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by UnthinkableR, May 24, 2015.


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  1. Hello! About 1 Month Ago I Decided To Make A KitPvp Plugin! One That Would Be Premium! So Recently I Saw That KitPvp Premium Plugins Would Not Be Accepted, Yet I Saw This Too:
    What? I Thought Any Premium KitPvp Plugins Would Be Rejected!?!?!??!

    I Also Would Like To Just Tell You About What My KitPvp Plugin Would Have:

    Code (Text):
    1.8 Titles
    Coins System
    Coins Added On Kill
    Coins Taken On Death
    Stats System
    Many Kits
    Kits GUI
    GUI Item Opener
    Stats Sign
    Balance Sign
    Kits Sign
    Supply Drops
    Add Coins
    Remove Coins
    All This is inGame

    You Can Throw Any Items That Are Enabled In The Config By Right Clicking Them! You Also Will Hear A Noise.



    KitPvp.sendTitle(p, 20, 50, 20, "&b&lHello There!");
    KitPvp.addCoins(p, 20);
    KitPvp.removeCoins(p, 20);

    Also My KitPvp Plugin Would Have No Dependencies, NONE! :)
    So With That Said! Spigot Staff Members! May I Please Post My Plugin As Premium When Its Ready?
    Pleeeaase! :(
  2. There are already too many KitPVP plugins, thus they are no longer accepted.
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  3. Wait So That Means That Even If I Make It Non- Premium It Will Still Be Removed??!!!? Please no! all that hard work down the drain????!??!?
  4. I was talking about Premium resources only. I don't believe that free resources are removed unless they contain malicious or copyrighted code.
  5. Phew But Still :( i really wanted premium plus! how come tweakable kitpvp is there!
  6. and theres only 1 premium kitpvp plugin available so how could there be to many?
  7. It has probably been there for long time. KitPVP plugins were accepted in the past when there were only a few of them.
  8. Seriously, no need to double post.
    The answer is no.
  9. :( is there some way that i can make a free plugin for spigot but when they click the download it takes them to my website where they can buy it? or is that just not ALLOWED!
  10. I think you can't post something like that to resources. However, you can put a link in your signature which redirects user to your plugin shop.
  11. And One Question Who Would Hate My KitPvp Plugin And Why?

    Thank You I Will Hopefully Be Doing That!

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    • Read Me: It appears that your are submitting a premium resource. Please take a moment to read the approval guidelines listed here. In particular we will NOT approve simple plugins, or very common plugins, ESPECIALLY hub / lobby / donor gadgets / perks plugins. If your plugin is small or lacks sufficient description, it will NOT be approved promptly. If you think it really should be approved, use the report button. DO NOT UPLOAD KIT(PVP) PLUGINS, THEY WILL BE REJECTED.
  12. Why Do You Type Like This?

    Oh, and, you could use the code that you currently have for your plugin to create a new game-mode, instead of attempting to innovate one that already exists, and has been innovated multiple times.
  13. Oh Cool! I Might Not Even Do That Might Even Do That! :) //Still Deciding